A Brief Overview of Types of Essays

Knowledge of Various Types of Essays is an Imperative in a Good Essay Writer

Most often students are given topics to write essays on. While the student has no choice in the topic matter, there is usually a choice in the type of essay which can be written. For example if you were given a topic like “Global Warming”, this essay can be written in various forms. It can be an Opinion essay, an Argument essay or even a Cause and Effect essay. Knowledge of various essay types and how to write them will make you better at the task of essay writing. Here are some of the most common essay types which students can make use of in writing interesting and unique essays.

Argument Essay: this type of essay will first and foremost be a bit daunting. Writing an argument essay takes a lot of skill. You have to take a definitive stance in a controversial essay topic and be able to argue your way through the essay and have evidence which will back your arguments.

Opinion Essay: This is a more straightforward essay where you will give your opinion backed up with evidence of course, and offer your judgment. When you write an opinion essay you should be a person who is not afraid of criticism and comments that might arise on your judgments. While there is no right and wrong opinion, you should be able to validate logically why YOU have such an opinion.

Cause & Effect Essay: this will talk about something and ask the questions “why” and “what” and the result of it. Cause and effect essays are useful in prompting a certain cause such as animal rights, environmental protection, healthy eating habits or global warming. The writer can urge the reader to change their mindsets and make a call for action through this essay form.

Expository Essay: These essays provide information and other people’s point of view without bringing in your own opinion on the matter. Information is presented in detail. These essays are written in third person. You may be given prompts for your expository essay or allowed to choose on your own. If the choice is yours, opt for a topic which has plenty of interesting information and a subject in which other people of high reputation has expressed opinions on.

Comparison/Contrast Essay: this essay shows the differences and similarities in various subject matters. These essays are similar to evaluation essays. The similarities and differences of two or more options can be discussed based on various criteria.

Analytical Essay: Analytical or analysis essays will take apart the subject and analyze each component of a subject matter. This form of essay writing is commonly utilized in business essays. The writer must analyze a particular situation, a phenomena or a result of an action and then provide explanations of them. Usually relevant theoretical knowledge as well as evidence is used in such essays.
Illustration Essay: this type of essay will go on to explain something using examples. You can use any number of examples to illustrate your essay. You can enumerate on the subject in great detail through supply of various examples that can explain your point of view or the issue being discussed.

Narrative Essay: this essay is written as if someone is telling a story. It is up to you to make it as interesting as possible. Narrative essays are rather enjoyable writing assignments if you are an innate story teller. You may choose on various subject areas to write such an essay ranging from an incident which has changed your life to an experience which someone you knew had undergone. It can also be a hilarious story or a narration of a memorable day.

Personal Essay: this is written for when you are applying for some educational institution or job. This provides the reader a glimpse of who you are. You have to be honest and direct when you write this type of essay.

Descriptive Essay: all five sensors are used to write this essay. You have to make the reader feel as if he is also there with you when you experienced what you are writing about. Paint a mental picture with your description so that your reader has vivid image of what is being described.

It is important for students to have a good knowledge of all these types of essays before they begin the writing process. Each type has a different purpose and using the most appropriate type will depend on your assignment instructions as well as the topic in context. What ever the essay type you choose always write with passion and dedication. If your essay is interesting to you it will be interesting to others as well.

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