A Discussion on Writing a Discussion Essay

Select a Topic Worthy of Discussion for Your Discussion Essay

Essays are a part of a student’s life. When in high school and college, students will be swamped with many types of essays. These essays allow students to improve on their writing and critical and analytical thinking skills. Lets discuss how to write a discussion essay.

Definition of the Essay
A discussion is to talk and discuss things. The essay too is a lengthy discussion on a topic of the writer’s selection. This is done with the use of views and opinions of others. This essay however, unlike some of the essays written, will not need you to convince the readers of your opinion. What you will be expected to do, is to select interesting essay topics and elaborate on it using the views of others to provide the reader with a better understanding of the topic. However, offering the writer’s opinions and viewpoints are also recommended. These views can be negative or positive views. An important tip to note when writing this essay is that most often providing other people’s views on a topic will tend to bore the reader. Therefore, the writer is strongly advised to make the essay as interesting as possible.

Topics for the Essay
discussion essay can be written on any topic worthy of discussion. Topics for this essay will be very common. Most often students will find that many others too, have written on the same or similar topics as them. Your essay will be made more interesting, and will stand out from the rest if you could select a topic which will provide new and different viewpoints than that of other students. Providing your views on the selected topic is one way to make the essay interesting, however, to add credibility to it, you need to incorporate views of others and cite them correctly. In order for your topic to be interesting it will have to be one which will provide reason for the discussion, be controversial – controversial topics always raise interest – and should be current.

What Makes a Good Essay?
Many essays have the same format and structure. This will be applicable to this essay as well. More than the format of the essay, this essay will be considered good depending on the content and how it is written. Students who are new to this type of essay writing will be benefited by going through a few essay examples. Going through a discussion essay example online will help students to have a better understanding of how to write it. When writing the essay, there are two elements which need to be considered. If these elements are apparent in the essay you will be assured of a good one.
• Students should have sufficient knowledge and information of the topic in order to provide viewpoints on it.
• Write in a manner which is subtly persuasive.

Writing a discussion essay is considered a very interesting task. If you apply these two elements and know how to write the essay in the proper manner your essay will be worthy of a good grade.

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