A List of Argumentative Essay Topics

Practise Writing from a List of Argumentative Essay Topics for Improved Writing

Students who are assigned the task of argumentative essay writing often cannot locate good argumentative topics. Some lack of knowledge of how to select them or what consists of good topics. As good topics are vital for a good essay, let us help you to select good essay topics and provide you with few reasons why referring to lists of argumentative essay topics can help you in the essay writing process.

Defining an Argument Essay
An argumentative essay is an essay which provides the reader with an argument which promotes a particular angle of a subject matter over others. The essay should present supporting and opposing ideas of an issue. The writer is supposed to take a stand and try and convince the reader of the same, while nullifying the opposing points. The aim of the argumentative essay is to change the reader’s belief and agree with the writer’s.

Process of Topic Selection 
The topic of the argumentative essay is very important to the essay itself. Therefore, students should pay in consideration of how topics are selected.

  • Some of the best argumentative essay topics are ones that are controversial. Controversial problems always interest readers.
  • A good argumentative essay topic will have many opposing points of view. When you select from a list of argumentative essay topics, you should ensure that the topic selected has different points of view.
  • A good topic regardless of what it always has to interest readers. Your argumentative topic too, should do the same.
  • A good argumentative essay topic should be unique. No matter how many times it has been discussed, if the topic is approached in a unique manner, it will make the essay interesting.

Many ideas of interesting argumentative essay topics are available online. These topic ideas will provide you with the insight needed to select good essay topics. Going through a few essay examples too, will provide students with the knowledge they need to write good argumentative essays.

A List of Essay Topics for the Argument Essay

Provided below is a sample list of argumentative essay topics which you can use to practise your essay writing on.

  • Abortion – is it the best method for unwanted pregnancies.
    • Plastic surgery – is it really necessary? And is it safe?
    • Smoking Should be Banned
    • The internet – the best thing since the invention of the television.
    • Breast feeding should be a must for the first 6 months of a child.
    • Should artistes be given special government subsidies?
    • Gambling should be legal the world over.
    • Is domestic violence increasing or is it all in the mind of the supposed victims?
    • Animal experimentation should be legalized.
    • Is finger print checking at airports of certain nationalities a human rights violation?
    • Human cloning – Do we want a duplicate?

These are just some of the argumentative essay topics that will help you to write your essay. If you look closely you will see that all of these topics have an opposing point of view. Therefore, when writing the essay, ensure that these views too, are included to give comprehensiveness to work.

Refer to few lists of argumentative essay topics and practice writing on them to improve your writing significantly. The outcome would be the most beneficial to your academic progress since argumentative essay writing is common to many course modules

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