Are You Eligible to Take Part in Essay Contests for College Students?

Essay contests for college students are both a useful and interesting opportunity to showcase ones, writing skills to the world. If students have good writing skills, are proficient in the writing of essays, taking part and winning these essay contests will not only bring them recognition but also provide them with some financial support by way of the prize money to be won.

Eligibility Criteria
All types of contests have rules and regulations which need to be followed. The essay contest for college students also has such rules and regulation. Below is a list of criteria which needs to be considered when taking part in the contests. It is advised that you read the entire contents of the requirements before submitting your application.

  • These contests are only for students who are enrolled in college. There are various types of contests which students doing undergraduate programs or graduate programs to enter. Most contests will not allow high school seniors to take part in such contests; therefore, they should take part in a high school essay contests.
  • Age requirements vary according to each essay contest. Some contests will allow applicants up to 30 years of age, while others will not. The standard age requirements for these contests are between the ages of 18 to 25.
  • Most college essay contests are open to students’ world wide while others are not. This, once again, depends on the contest rules and regulations.
  • Essays will be written as per given essay questions or topics. These topics are generally complex and students who are under the misconception that they are as easy to write as the Romeo and Juliet essaywritten in high school should rethink their plans to take part.
  • As all essays will be graded on their contents, writing style and presentation, students should be careful with how they write their essays. A good essay layoutwill help solve this problem.

One of the most important elements to remember about taking part in essay contests for college studentsis that no essay should be plagiarized. Plagiarism will get you disqualified from the contest.

Types of College Essay Contests

There are many college essay contests available to students online. These contests award students prizes ranging from $2500 to $15000. Therefore, it is vital that you go online and check out these essay contests. Some of these contests are
• New York Times College Essay Contest
• College Survival Scholarship Essay Contest
• David Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship
• Sir John M Templeton Fellowships Essay Contest

All the essays which are written for the essay contest for college students are not easy essays. Therefore, students should be thorough with their knowledge of essay writing. If you are a student who lacks the time to write a good essay for an essay contest, a good writing company should be selected to assist you.

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