Being an Essay Author: the Hurdle, Knowledge Gained and Satisfaction

The reality of being an essay author from the view of a professional author-to-be

Everybody is an essay author. Agree? Well at least you have been writing in your lifetime or believe that you could make one. Describing an author should be subjective, depending on how people look at it and the situations they are in. Those that write are an author, no matter what subject they are discussing on. The only criteria that differs the amateurs from professionals is how mastered they are in discussing the subject and how well their works capture the readers attention.

An essay comes with lots of effort to be composed into, yet the readers got a lot of comment to throw at. Indeed, critics are good though for the betterment of the skill and quality of the next essays to write. Being an essay author should be able to generate ideas, and further expand them into nicely arranged words conveying a meaningful message to the reader. To achieve this basically needs lifetime experience, knowledge gained from everyday learning or even more, a little creative imaginations.

For a professional and successful essay author-to-be, time is the major concern and the most important aspect to consider. It may sounds a little mean, but putting this aspect on the top list of an author’s attitude that differs one from being a common and a professional. Not believing? Now take a look at journalists, editors, bloggers or even college students. Aren’t their lives being chased by this cruel thing that we called ‘time’ or we can say it in their way, a ‘deadline’? Still, it is what makes them who they are, the real authors.

Having said, writing an essay requires a lot of effort to be put into. Research and research again is what all the real authors do, in order to collect the best sources available on the globe for the readers. This research thing is really challenging as it needs reading and surely not from one single sources. Books, magazines, newspapers and internet are the most common sources on earth to choose from, depending on the issues to discuss on. Though, it is worth thing to do as the more you read, the more you know. Being an essay author is not only about gaining money or such, but more importantly the value of knowledge that we get.

Writing an essay make use of several different types of writing styles, which are useful for an author to avoid repeating similar tones in their essay. This is crucial as to keep the readers on the essay page till the last word. Referring to few essay examples with different styles of writing done by other authors could be useful to make a new and attractive one of yours. Being an author is truly rewarding, if the writing do comes from your heart. The satisfaction of giving knowledge to others through this should be able to cover all the tiring process in composing a good essay.

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