Controversial Essay Topics Should be Cause for Discussion and Debate

A persuasive essay is one of the most interesting essays to write. As with all other essays the persuasive essay too, will need an outline if you want the essay to be organized properly. Well organized essays deliver a coherent and cohesive argument to the reader. Therefore, this article will discuss how the persuasive essay outline should be written.

Understanding the Importance of the Outline
To understand how to write the outline of a persuasive essay, you need to know the importance of the outline. With the outline of the persuasive essay you can organize the essay in a manner which is easy to read and it will also provide the reader the ability to identify the line of argument being proposed. It also locates the opposing arguments appropriately. Therefore, with a good outline students are able to compose an effective essay.

Preparing for the Outline
Before preparing the persuasive essay outline, you need to come up with a good topic worth persuading the reader on, and conduct thorough research on the topic. Topics for the essay should be interesting and relevant to the readers. It does not serve any purpose to write an essay on a topic which the readers agree with you on. The aim of the persuasive essay topic is to persuade the reader that your idea is better than any other and the reader should change his or her beliefs. Therefore, you need to first and foremost decide upon what you are trying to persuade the reader of.

Research is vital for a good persuasive essay. With proper research you are able to add credibility to the essay and as a result, the reader will be more compelled to agree with your viewpoint. Therefore, always use credible and reputed sources to back your theories.

Preparing the Outline
The structure of your persuasive essay outlines are the same as any other essay outlines. It will consist of an introduction, body paragraphs (at least a minimum of three) and a conclusion.

The introduction of the outline will inform the readers about the focus of the essay. This will be included in the thesis statement. The introduction is the section which “hooks” the readers in to reading the essay. Therefore, it should be written in a manner which gets their attention and keeps it there. The thesis statement should be written on top of the outline. However, this will change when writing the essay, as the thesis statement will be included in the last sentence of the introduction.

The body will provide the readers with a systematic presentation of the arguments and proofs. Each point should be designated a paragraph. Do not include more than one point in a paragraph as this will confuse the readers. Always remember to cite your sources.

The conclusion will signify the end of the essay with a summation of the main points presented in the essay.

Having gone through this article, you may find that writing persuasive essay outlines are not as difficult as previously thought. If you are in doubt as to how to proceed, go through a few essay examples of persuasive essays and you will be able to produce and submit an excellent essay.

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