Different Perspectives to the Great Gatsby Essay

The Great Gatsby Essay can be written in Different Essay Forms

Students are required to read many novels as a part of English and literature curriculum. These novels are to be studied thoroughly by them and be used as the basis of various assignments and coursework. The Great Gatsby Essay is one such literature assignment which is most common in A Level classes. Written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald who also wrote novels such as “This Side of Paradise” and “The Beautiful and Damned”, this novel is one of the most celebrated pieces of American literature.

This coursework will come in many forms and you will most probably be required to write a book review essay. But it can also be a descriptive essay or a narrative essay in which you can discuss and narrate the story contained within the novel. What ever the form of writing being required, you need a thorough familiarity of the content of the novel.

Brief Overview of Novel Content
The story is about a man named Nick Carraway who has just returned from fighting World War I who becomes fascinated with a man by the name of Jay Gatsby who is wealthy and mysterious and lives next door to Nick. Nick befriends this man who is known to throw lavish parties and spend his fortune on all things material. The story revolves around the emotional traumas, lost loves, reunions, extra-marital affairs within a backdrop of upper echelon of the social strata. Characters of Daisy, Tom and Myrtle provide interesting support for the central characters of Nick and Gatsby. The plot reveals a tragic ending with many being killed including Gatsby and Myrtle as well as her husband.

The story is full of human love, lust and passion as well as taboos of extra marital affairs, which make the plots an interesting piece of reading. Students may in-fact find it interesting to compare other love essays such as Romeo & Juliete essay to the plot of this story.

Writing the Essay
This essay can be written in many ways. There are many aspects which provide endless possibilities to your writing. The first issue to consider is to narrow the topic to a manageable size. The story is very complex and intricate hence you will not be able to analyze the whole novel within one essay. Following are few possible ways in which you can address your assignment basing the Great Gatsby story.

  1. As an analytical essay about the character/ characters and what sort of human emotions are represented by each of them. Character choice is wide as here are many characters to choose from. Provide your analysis on each of the selected characters and discuss how they contribute to the overall story.
  2. A comparative essay can also be written where you will take one or two characters and compare the similarities and differences. You can pick out certain sections of the text which can be interpreted in different ways. For example certain sections of the story will be glamorous and romantic while sometimes it might be crude and corrupt. You can also compare the overall story of Gatsby with other contemporary novels of the same era.
  3. On another note, you can write a description essay about Jay Gatsby’s wealthy life style and describe his mansion or the many characters in the novel.
  4. Finally an opinion essay can also make for you to provide your own interpretations and opinions on the story itself and the rights and wrongs of various actions of the key characters of the story.

There are many ways for you to write The Great Gatsby Essay. Which ever form you choose to write it you will have to have a thorough understanding of the novel and allow your mind to dwell on the plot. This will allow you to come up with interesting and insightful perspectives of the plot which is both original and interesting. It is with such thoughts put in to paper, that your essay can be of outstanding quality of a classic work of writing.

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