Different Types of Essays Mean Different Styles of Writing

A Good Knowledge of Different Types of Essays is Essential for Improving Writing Skills

Writing essays is a very common task which all students need to undertake. It allows educational institutions to evaluate the knowledge of students on different subjects as well as their analytical, comprehension, expressive and general writing capabilities. It will also allow them to choose the most appropriate form of essay writing to suit the essay topic and assignment task.

For example, if the subject is History and you are to write an essay on Ancient Greek history, then an informative or descriptive essay form is appropriate. But if it’s a business essay, then a fair amount of analytical skills is expected to be demonstrated, hence analysis essay is the recommended form of writing. If you were to write a Montana 1948 essay, then you would select the book review form of writing. The options are wide and there are over hundred variants of essay writing forms which students can use in their writing. While it will be impossible to discuss every form in one post, most of these different essay forms are addressed individually in separate posts. Here we will discuss the most common forms of essays.

Expository essay – presents information with details as opposed to opinions. It should explain to the reader certain knowledge of the topic and offer your own knowledge on it as well without referring to yourself in the first person. This type of essay should be written in the third person and from a neutral point of view.

Analytical essay – analyses a certain subject matter. Such analysis can be applied to virtually anything such as a play, a poem, a novel, a medical treatment, a business operation, a brand, a website etc. The analysis can also be on some data, figures and reports. Analysis requires you to dissect the whole and probe in to the “how” aspects of interrelated linkages. It is important to note that an analytical essay is not about “what” something means. Mere explanations of a matter do not result in an analysis hence cannot produce this type of essay.

Illustration essays – These essays aim to provide a detailed and clear picture of the subject being explained with the use of a large number of examples as supporting evidence. Although it has a lot in common with narrative essays, the number of examples included in the illustration essay sets it apart.

Narrative essays – These essays are used to tell a story. You should use sensory verbs and timelines to tell your story in an interesting and easy-to-read manner.

Personal essay – You need to write this type of essay for jobs, university admissions,  applications for scholarships, training programs etc. This essay is written on something private and gives a glimpse into your life. It will provide information about you to the reader as well as highlight you characteristics and habits which will enable the reader to understand what type of person you are.

Process & Procedure essay – This essay aims to explain the sequence of events of something in certain stages. Its objective is to educate the reader of the process and procedure to be followed to arrive at a certain end. It is recommended to be written with a step by step approach which will help the reader understand easily while also help the student to think logically.

Only a few forms of essay writing are discussed above but referring to various online essays and essay writing resources will help the students locate valuable information of how to write different types of essays.

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