Discussion Essay Topics Require Considerable Thought

Criteria of a Good Essay Topic Should be Considered in Selecting a Discussion Essay Topic

What is a discussion essay? A discussion essay will introduce a topic and then go into detail discussing that topic while presenting different types of views. This type of essay allows you to offer your opinion on the subject, and the opinion of others as well. Therefore selecting a discussion essay topic for which others have contributed their opinions is important. These opinions can take various stands pertaining to the topic. .

R Measures of a Good Topic
There are few criteria which makes a good essay topic. When you are in the process of choosing an essay topic, be it for an informative essay or a discussion essay, consider these criteria.

R The topic should fall within the subject area for which our essay is being written for.
R The selected topic should be relevant to the target readership.
R The topic must be interesting both to the writer and the reader alike.
R The topic must have sufficient research material which can be used in supporting the body of the essay.
R A too narrow a topic constricts a writer and can also result in a repetition of information and details.
R A topic which covers a too broad scope will result in superficial writing as there are too many things to cover within a word limit.

R Topic selection process. 
The best way to select any essay topic is to engage in some brainstorming. Consider few options that will meet the requirements of a good topic for a discussion. Then select the one which seems most interesting and easy for you to write on. Consider all aspects of the essay topic before you move on to the essay research, outlining and final writing.

R Few Extra Tips
Usually, controversial essay topics are easier to discuss than others as there are a lot of information to write on and many people tend to extend their opinions on such subjects. Remember, for some people, some topics are easy to discuss than others. For some people, discussing personal essay topics such as life experiences is difficult while others are not comfortable discussing controversial subjects such as abortion, euthanasia or incest. These matters too should be considered prior to selecting a discussion essay as you need to impart your own point of views and write your essay in an informal basis.

Unlike a persuasive essay, a discussion essay does not try to convince people of what is being discussed. Therefore you will not have to convince the reader to agree with what you say. All you need to do is give enough reasons with evidence for your own view point while bringing in others’ view points also to the picture. It will not matter if the reader has a different opinion. You are just discussing things. Therefore, the topic that are not suitable for a persuasive essay because they are hard to convince can be interesting essay topics suitable for a discussion essay.

Choose these factors in your essay topic selection and you are bound to select a good discussion essay topic that will allow you to write a well written discussion essay that piques the reader’s interest.

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