Do You Know What Essay Formats Require You to Do?

Essay Formats Are Necessary for Proper Organization of the Essay

Essays have many requirements. These requirements have to be strictly adhered to if students wish to obtain good grades for them. Essays have to be written properly, structured in the proper manner, should have informative and useful information and most importantly, should be formatted accordingly. In this article we will discuss the final requirement which is the format. In order to ensure that your essay is formatted properly you should be conversant with the different types of essay formats.

What is an Essay Format?
If your essay does not have a proper essay format it will be a thoroughly disorganised essay. It will not be introduced properly, will not have proper information written properly, nor will any information used be cited in the proper manner. Therefore, all academic institutions have strict rules as to the formatting requirements. If these formats are not adhered to, students will receive a low mark for their essays.

Types of Formats
Every academic institution does not have the same formatting requirements. Therefore, before you begin to write your essay you should find out which format is required for yours. There are four common types of formats which are used by many academic institutions.

  • APA format – There will be one inch margins all around the page. Font will be 11 to 12 and style will be Times Roman. Two to three words are used for the title. This is followed by five spaces and the page number. The title page will have the name of the author and the university. This format will consist of an abstract which will summarize the essay in a double spaced single paragraph. The in text citations will consist of the author’s last name and year of publication.
  • MLA format – Although fonts and margins are similar to the APA, the MLA format does have its differences. These include the first line of every paragraph to be indented five spaces from the left. Usually no cover page is included but writer’s full name, the name of the instructor, subject and date appears at the top left hand margin followed by the title. The work cited page will list the sources in alphabetical order with the last name first.
  • Harvard –The in text citation contains the writer’s name and date of publication. The font size and style will be the same as the APA or MLA essay formats. If the date of publication is unknown, students will have to write “n.d” and if the author is unknown “anon”.
  • Chicago– This is used mainly in aesthetics department. The in text citation contains the name of the author and the date of publication. The basic layout of paper follows MLA format.

All essays written in school from proposal essay to global warming essays have to be formatted in the correct manner. There are many more rules of the different types of essay formats. To have better understanding, we suggest that you go through the formatting guide books which are available in your school libraries. In order to obtain a better idea of how these formats are utilized, students should go through some essay examples formatted in these manners.

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