End Your Essay with a Memorable Essay Conclusion

Essay Conclusions Require the Same Amount of Planning as the Essay

Writing good essays require skills. Skills can be obtained from lots of practise. Every essay has a standard essay structure. It will have an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. These three elements are very important to an essay. Without either of these, the essay can be incomplete and ineffective. We cannot tell you which of these sections is the most important to an essay. But, we can try and educate you on how important an essay conclusion is to an essay.

What is an Essay Conclusion?
Students, who are unfamiliar with the task of writing effective essays, should realize that the conclusion is what is at the end of the essay. It will be the last paragraph in the essay and it will signify the end of the essay to the reader. The essay conclusion is written to remind readers of the entire essays. This is done by summarizing the contents of the essay. Good essay conclusions cannot be written off hand. Just like the essay, you need to plan on what you will say in the conclusion. As it is at the end of the essay and is the final section which the reader will encounter, your conclusion should be memorable. We advice you to go through many essay samples and understand the conclusions in order to write a good essay conclusion.

Important Elements in the Conclusion
Although shorter than any other paragraph in the essay, the
conclusions perform important tasks. These are;

  • To inform the reader about the end of the essay.
    • To remind the reader about what was discussed in the essay.
    • Restate the thesis statement.
    • Conclusions provide the reader with the writer’s opinion on the subject discussed.
    • And some conclusions, such as when writing a Global Warming essay, call the readers for action.

How to Write Effective Conclusions
A conclusion should be written only after the entire essay is written. When writing the conclusion students must always keep the thesis statement in mind and never deviate from it. A good essay conclusion will only discuss points which were stated in the essay. Any new points appearing in the conclusion will only confuse the reader. The conclusion should be written in language that shows authority. You are the expert at knowing whether your essay is complete. Therefore, you will be an authority on the entire essay regardless of whether it is a proposal essay or a narrative essay. A good conclusion will leave an impression on the reader. It should make the reader think about the essay even after he has laid it down. Effective conclusions are short and to the point. Avoid long and boring conclusions. Trying to make your conclusion long will make you deviate from the entire process of writing an effective conclusion.

Writing good essay conclusions therefore, require much planning. This will be your final chance to prove to the reader what you were trying to prove throughout the entire essay. Therefore, spend a great deal of time on your conclusion as well.

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