Essay on Internet: Is it only for the Techno Buffs?

A Good Essay on Internet Will Look At All Facets of the World Wide Web

The Information Technology (IT) or the Information and Communication Technology (ITC) have developed in leaps and bounds in past few decades. The IT era has been upon the generation “Y” and the “Z” for a while now. As the majority of students fall in to one of these popularly known generation categories, they are used to having ITC as a part of their daily life including their educational curriculum. Internet is one of the most prominent components of ITC today and tutors often assign students essays on this topic. Therefore, it is no longer a subject area for only the techno buffs. Writing an essay on internet is therefore a common assignment which all students must gear up to attend to.

Forms of Writing 
There are a few ways which students can write this essay. They can write an informative essay on the uses of the internet and the disadvantage of the internet can be written as a persuasive or opinion essay. Students can also write their essay as a compare and contrast essay comparing the era before the dawn of the internet to the present day. A cause and effect essay on how excessive internet usage and unsupervised exposure can be harmful to children can also be another angle to write this essay.

The Uses of the Internet
The uses of the internet are many. Students can download essays, information, games, music etc, at a very low cost or for free in the comfort of their homes. The internet provides people with new and innovative ways to communicate ideas and information. Another advantage of the internet is that students from all over the world are able to study online as a result of the internet. A whole new arena of businesses has been generated by the so called “dot com” businesses segment in the virtual world of the web. The uses of the internet are countless and as a result, students can write quite a lengthy essay based on it.

The Disadvantages of the Internet
This aspect too is full of its own set of problems which needs to be given consideration when writing the essay on internet. Following are just a few to name:

  • Threat of hacking, invasion of privacy and fraud on the internet.
    • The wide spread potential to spread computer viruses.
    • Addictive effect on youth on detrimental content in some web sites.
    • Time wasted and unproductiveness at work place by spending time on social sites such as face book and my space.
    • Cyber crimes ranging from child abuse to pornography, spam messages.

Writing the Essay
As you can see there are many ways which make writing the essay an interesting concept. However, there are a few elements which you need to take into account when writing your essay. For example, the essay should have interesting essay topics to begin with. No matter how currant you are with information, the reader will not proceed if the topic is boring.

Adopting the right writing style too is important. For example, if you are writing a persuasive essay on the disadvantages of the internet, you need to go through an example of persuasive essay to have an idea of how to write it. Similarly, if you are unable to understand any other form of essay writing, going through a few essay examples will educate you on the process.

Writing an essay on internet is interesting, but challenging. But it can be done well if students apply the same principles applied to other essay writing assignments. With dedication, planning and good writing techniques, your essay can stand apart from the rest whether or not you are techno savvy.

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