Good Argumentative Essay Topics Should be Arguable

Brainstorming is the Best Way to Come up with Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

They say arguing is good for the soul. Arguing about something asserts ones opinion on the subject. Writing an argument essay is the same. But simply arguing about something without facts and figures to back you up make you look ignorant. You will have to argue on a subject that holds value to you and make sure that you back it up with sufficient proof to add credibility. On this ground, writing an argument essay is very interesting. However, many students find the selection of argumentative essay topics more challenging than writing the essay.

Why Argumentative Topics are Important
All essay topics from classification essay topics to descriptive essay topics are important to the essays. These are the first things the readers come upon in your essay paper. The readability of the essay is based on how good the essay topics are. With a good topic the essay writing is more effective. Therefore, students need to ensure that when selecting essay topics, they do so with great consideration.

Selecting Essay Topics
The best way to come up with interesting essay topics are to brainstorm. Group together a few of your colleagues and friends and list down all interesting ideas about the subject. Out of all your colleagues at least one or two will have good topic ideas. If this is not possible, brainstorm solo and you still will have a quite a number of interesting topics to select from.

Argumentative essay topics need to be controversial. There has to be many opinions which are debatable in an argumentative essay. If it does not concern anyone enough to argue and debate on, your topic is dull and boring. Some topics cannot be argued. For example if you select a topic which is almost a truism such as “children should respect and care for their elderly parents”, there is no point arguing this. It is a fact and there is no point arguing about it.

Topics need to be current. No one wants to discuss topics which are old and done with. No one wants to talk about topics which have been discussed many times too. If you have to select a topic pick one which relates to present day situations. If you have no choice but to select a topic which has been discussed over and over, do something new with it; something which will allow the readers to see it in a different perspective.

A good essay topic should be relevant to the general public. This however, is easier said than done. If your readers are mature the topic and the level of writing should be advanced. For example, writing an argumentative essay on the topic of abortion is beneficial to everyone. Essay topics such as global warming, racism etc are also some of the topics which can be discussed in your essay.

Topics for argumentative essays are usually broad. For example, Global Warming can encompass many issues such as Greenhouse gases, ozone layer etc. These topics need to be narrowed down to a manageable level in order to write concisely.

Students who find writing and selecting argumentative essay topics will be benefited by going through some essay examples. These examples will provide students with the knowledge required to select suitable essay topics.

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