Good Descriptive Essay Topics Can Be Found Everywhere

Effective and Suitable Descriptive Essay Topics Should Allow for Vivid Describing

Writing a descriptive essay is an enjoyable experience for many students. It gives them a chance to express certain elements in a descriptive fashion. Considered one of the easiest essay types to write, the toughest task of this essay writing process is in the selection of descriptive essay topics.

What is a Descriptive Essay?
A descriptive essay is an essay written to describe something. It can be a person, place, thing or an occurrence. A good descriptive essay will describe in a manner which makes it easy for the reader to form a mental picture of what is being described. This is done by the use of the five senses. We all posses the ability to use the five senses in our essays. We have used them more than once. A descriptive essay will use all five at the same time. This is what makes the essay unique. The other elements which make the essay unique are the fact that you use vivid language and examples. These three elements should be incorporated into your essay to make it an excellent one. We advice you to go through a few good descriptive essay samples to find out how they are written, before proceeding with yours.

Selecting a Good Essay Topic
Students should all be aware of how important a topic is to an essay. If all essays had interesting essay topics they will be considered excellent. The topic is the first thing about your essay which the reader will notice. The reader will read the essay depending on how good the topic is. Here is how you can ensure that your descriptive essay topics are worthy of being read.

  • A good topic for a description essay is one which is carefully selected and well researched.
  • It should be a topic which can be written on within the number of words specified. It is important to maintain the legnth, essay formatand structure in all types of essays as per the assignment instructions.
  • It should be of interest and relevance to the reader. An essay which is worth reading will interest the reader and compel him to read till the end.
  • Good essay topics should be current. No one wants to hear about things which happened a long time ago. Everyone is interested in current issues.
  • If the topic being described is one which has been written on before, it should be done in a manner which is different.

Some Topics for the Descriptive Essay 
Below are a few topics which you can discuss and practice on in order to write an excellent descriptive essay.

  • A beautiful/worst painting you have ever seen.
    • Coming face to face with the person you admire the most.
    • The novel “The Mill on the Floss”.
    • A memorable day.
    • The pain of losing a loved one.
    • The happiness of a brand new mother.

These are just some of the topics which you can use to write a descriptive essay. If you look hard enough there will be many descriptive essay topics which you can use to write a good essay. However, before selecting, evaluate their merits and see whether it is worth being written on.

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