Good Proposal Topics Should Benefit the Reader

Tips on Selecting Proposal Topics to Write Convincing Proposal Essays

A proposal essay is different from other essays. The aim of the proposal essay is to define a problem and suggest a solution for the problem which will convince the reader that the suggested solution has much merit and hold feasibility and viability. Most often this type of writing is done when writing dissertations or thesis. Students will introduce an identified problem or study question and present new and innovative solutions which have not been practiced before. Writing a proposal essay needs analysis of the subject area deeply and coming up with recommendations which are practical and feasible. For many students the whole essay becomes a stumbling block from the very outset because they find it hard to select appropriate proposal topics.

Selecting a Topic
When you consider topic selection, do not select a topic which you believe will impress the reader. The topic should be one that you like, one which you find interesting enough to investigate and one which is relevant to the subject field. With these three elements you are sure of finding a topic which is interesting enough for you to conduct research. For example if you are interested in Global Warming and its repercussions, select a topic within that field. Your essay can be on a new and improved solution to the crisis. Go through a few essay samples if you need clarification on how you should write your essay.

A topic should be manageable. You are provided a number of words in which to write your essay. One of the first questions you should ask yourself is “will I be able to include all relevant information into the essay about this topic?” If your answer is yes, then you have made a good choice. This means that the proposal topicshould be one where you will be able to incorporate sufficient information and back it up within the number of words effectively.

Any topic which students select to write their essays on should spark interest in the reader. An interesting topic ensures that the essay will be read throughout. Interest in the topic on the writer’s part too will ensure that research will be conducted with interest.

Topics selected for writing the essay should make an impact on the readers. Simply writing an essay to suit your purposes will not make it an effective one. The proposal essay is written in order for others to be benefited with what you write.

If you select a proposal topic which is familiar to you, it will make it easier for you to conduct adequate research and write the essay. If you are familiar with the topic, you will be able to become an expert with the subject and ensure that when writing, you come across as an expert in it and present truly thought through recommendations in your proposal.

Topics for the Essay
• Solution to Global Warming.
• Problem and solution to over population in third world countries.
• Education system and solving its ineffectiveness and how to bring out a better system.
• Integrating Politics and the Economy.
• Managing healthy child development through promotion of free thinking.

These are just some topics which you can consider for your essay. If you need further proposal topics you will be able to find many topics online. By selecting the correct topic, you will undoubtedly put a study foundation for your essay writing to progress upon.

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