Guidelines on Appropriate Persuasive Essay Format

Following an Appropriate Persuasive Essay Format Can Assist the Reader to Grasp Your Argument Better

A persuasive essay tries to convince the reader that what you are talking about is valid. This will be done by trying to make the reader believe in what you are saying. In other words you will try your best to change the reader’s mind. In order to achieve this, you will have to choose a topic which is debatable and can be argued. You can present information on both sides of the issue but your stand in the matter must be clear from the outset. In this type of essay writing you need to apply proper formatting techniques to ensure ease of reading so that the essay can flow clearly and logically. This will help you build up your argument clearly. Let us now consider some points applicable for appropriate persuasive essay format.

  • Title

As in the case of any essay, your persuasive essay will need a catchy title. It should not be too long. Similar to narrative essays or personal essays, you can bring in a slight amount of humor, cynism, shock or disapproval in your title so that the reader gets an idea of your own opinion of the matter. It should not have a period at the end although you can put an exclamation mark or a question mark. The title should be clearly linked to the content of your essay. Identify some keywords in your essay and include them in the title. There is no reason why you should not leave the task of fine tuning the title to the end of the writing. This will allow you to find a title that best reflects what you have written. You can incorporate a persuasive undertone into your title to make it more appropriate for this type of essay. If you refer to an example essay you may find a title such as “Quit Smoking – You are committing not only suicide but also a murder!”

  • The introduction

A persuasive essay, as any other common essay, should start with an introduction which has to enumerate your intentions to the reader with a clear and precise thesis statement. Your reader will have to know and understand from the beginning that this is what you will be arguing and trying to persuade him about. If you refer to a good custom essay, you will see how professional writers create effective thesis statements. An example would be “This essay presents a logical and valid argument on why people should abstain from smoking”

  • The body

The body should be broken down into paragraphs as well as give evidence and support to your thesis statement. You can plan the body well by using an essay outline to guide your thought process and logical build-up of the argument. When using evidence, remember it should be supported by reliable sources. The more evidence you acquire the more believable your argument becomes. Make sure that your paragraphs “flow” from one to another and be clear with your facts and reasoning. This will make it easy for the reader to understand the logic behind your persuasion. The body of the essay should have clear title headings and subtitles. In some cases you may be permitted to use bullet points.

  • The conclusion

Wrap up everything you have stated in the conclusion by redefining your topic clearly. Leave your reader convinced. Do not introduce new material as this will confuse the reader at this last stage and not achieve the conviction you wish to gain by your persuasion. If you have used the correct reasoning and written it professionally, there is a better chance of achieving the objective of a persuasive essay which is to change the mind of the reader.

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