How to Submit a Well Written Essay

When in middle school students are taught to write the three paragraph essay. This essay is the beginning of many more types of essays which students will have to write. With the three paragraph essay, they learn the basics of formatting, the importance of proper structure and how to conduct thorough research etc. Yet, many students have no idea as to the difference between a mediocre work and a well written essay even when they are in high school. Read further and you will be educated on how your essay will be considered one of the best.

Importance of a Well Written Essay
Essays have to be written well in order for students to obtain a certain grade. Essays are graded for their content, organization, topic, and proper structure etc. If these elements are clearly addressed in the essay writing process, then the outcome will be considered well written. On the other hand, if your essay does not possess these qualities, you will not get the grade you wish for.

How to Submit an Essay which is Written Well
Submitting a well written essay is easier said than done. There are certain elements which need to be considered in order for an essay to be well written. Provided below are some of these elements.

Firstly, an essay has to be written in answer to an essay question. Before beginning, students need to ensure that they understand the questions asked. What are you supposed to do? This is the question which you should look for. Is it to argue, give your opinion, provide information or simply evaluate. Each essay assignment will set a different writing task. Once you have a thorough understanding of the requirements, you can begin the process of writing the essay.

Topics are important to well written essays. This is one of the criteria the essay is judged on. In order for the essay to be considered well written, the topic of the essay should be interesting, relevant to the reader, current and should get the reader’s attention.

Structure is another important element to a good essay. Regardless of whether you are writing a classification essay or an analysis essay, it should be structured properly. Having a proper structure ensures a coherent flow of ideas. A standard essay will have an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. Knowing what goes into each section of the essay is also part of what makes a good essay.

Every academic organization has formatting requirements which students have to adhere to. These formats have to be followed strictly in order for your essay to be considered well written. The most common essay formats are the APA and MLA. Students are advised to know the requirements of each format to save time when writing their essays.

Finally, the most important element to well written essays is thorough research. Research allows you to secure information and evidence that can be used to validate your points. Without research your essay will be aimless and arguments will not be backed by any proof. This is important for an essay which is to be considered well written. You may write any essay from controversial essay to informative essay. But without evidence to substantiate your point, your arguments and views will lack credibility.

If the above elements are visible in your essay, you can be assured it will be considered well written by your readers.

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