Importance of Writing an Essay Outline

Writing an Essay Outline is an Essential Phase in Essay Writing

An essay outline can be considered as the skeletal structure of the essay. It facilitate the structuring of the essay writer’s thought process and streamline the writing by avoiding repetitions, omissions and overloading sub sections. By engaging in this essential phase of essay writing, the quality of the essay can be improved immensely. Therefore knowledge of writing an essay outline is important to any writer.

R Benefits
When you write an essay outline, it allows you to structure the essay as well as comply with essay formats properly. It will also guide your research process. This is because without noting down everything that is covered under the topic, you will know exactly what you will be using under each sub section of the essay.

R Proper Coverage of Topic
An essay tip to note is that the essay outline should not be a lengthy affair. Refer to your marking guide and assignment instructions when you are drawing up the essay outline so that your essay covers all areas which your tutor expects you to write on. For example if your assignment requires you to write an analytical essay on the current global economic crisis and the impact of it on the UK property industry, then your essay outline should address areas such as the current global economic situation, UK economic situation, Impact on key industries, Impact on property industry globally, Impact on property industry in UK, Industry Analysis and Predictions, Recommendations and conclusion.

R Methods of Outlining 
Outlining can be done in two ways. Start off by mentioning the essay title. Then use either of the two methods that are common in outlining. It can use either Topic outlining where you use of a word or phrase without punctuation or Sentence outlining in which you use the full sentence with punctuation. Jot-notes can accompany the outline headings. There is no better way since the outline is merely a rough writing work that is used to assist the guiding process. What is most suitable is what the essay writer is comfortable with.

R More Tips
Remember that essay outlining will guide you through the writing process in a more cohesive manner and also allow you to write more methodically. You are unlikely to repeat the same issues at the beginning of the essay and again somewhere in the middle when you use a proper outline. The same is true for omission of important information. When you use an outline, you will think beforehand of the evidence you will need to support each sub section of your essay.

So, next time you sit down to writing an essay, do not skip this important phase of the essay writing process. The time you invest in this task will actually bring in high pay back in terms of the good grades your well written essay will score.

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