Macbeth Essay is a Thought Provoking Literature Assignment

There are different Aspects in the Macbeth story which you can Choose to write on

Macbeth essay is a common high school and college level assignment given under English essay and Literature courses. Shakespeare had a knack for tragedies and this is one of the darkest of such work he produced.

The main theme revolves around the quest for power, the human greed and how this can spur the darker side of human nature giving way to deceptions and treachery. The plot is intensely emotional and conveys the story of Macbeth a great warrior who succumbs to the greed to power. His chance encounter with the witches brings the negative side of his character to the forefront and together with his wife Lady Macbeth; the two treacherously plots to murder the King. This essay can be written in a similar fashion as one would approach to write a Romeo & Juliete essay.

Writing this sort of review essays needs sound knowledge of the material you are to base your work on. It is only after a thorough reading and assimilation of the whole story that various elements of the story can be analyzed, and critically assessed.

Similar to other English Essay topics such as Frankenstein essays, you can use different approaches in writing this essay. Unless your tutor assigned you a topic, you can choose from a number of different topics and issues within the story. However it is most recommended that your focus is on the main characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth rather than on the rest of the characters.

Your essay can be written in many forms as well. It can be a comparative essay where you compare the character of Macbeth with his wife. Otherwise it can be a critical analysis essay or a compare and contrast essay of Shakespeare other work with Macbeth. You may also compare the similarities with modern day politicians, military leaders and the conspiracies that unfold with the story being told in Macbeth.

An essay tip to note is that you should select some thought provoking subjects and issues which underlie the Macbeth story rather than opt to talk about some general issues. By doing this, you will capture your reader’s attention and make them realize that your essay is not a mere repetition of wordy Elizabethan are literature quotes. For instance, you may discuss why Macbeth who was a great worrier at the initial stage succumbed to the greed for power? Whether his success and popularity as a worrier spurred him to achieve greater power?

What ever topic you choose to address, you must also pay attention to the essay format, proper structuring requirements and of course the editing and proofreading of the essay which all contribute to the level of professionalism in the essay.

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