Mastering Different Types of Writing Styles

Different Types of Writing Styles are Used for Different Types of Essays

The writing of essays requires students to input all their abilities of writing in order to execute a perfect essay. One of these is the use of the correct writing style. Not all essays can be written in the same manner. There are different types of writing styles according to different types of essays. The success of the essay depends on knowing which type of writing style you will utilize and how you will use it.

What are the Different Writing Styles?
As there are many types of essays, there are many styles of writing. For example, if you were asked to write a narrative essay, you will write it in a manner which tells a story. That is one style of writing. However, you cannot write an expository essay in the same manner. An expository essay will provide information in a detailed manner without the writer’s opinion. Therefore, if you know what your essay requirements are you will be able to input the correct writing style into the essay.

Why Use Different Writing Styles?
There are many reasons as to why different types of writing styles are used. When you write an essay, you will consider the reader’s interest in the essay. When you know the reader’s preferences you will do your best to incorporate this into the essay. Most authors of novels tend to do this. They analyse what novels were successful and will try and utilize the same writing styles they used in those novels when writing. The type of writing style is also directed by the purpose of the essay. If it is to deeply examine, then a critical analysis is required. If information is to be presented, then informative essays are the best. If you want to argue your point, an argumentative essay is the style to opt for. These are just few examples of how essay objective directs the writing style.

When you learn to use different writing styles in your essay writing, you improve your overall writing skills. To be able to incorporate different writing styles in to your essay means to be creative and flexible in your writing. This can be immensely beneficial for your academic success as well as career success. This means students have to be familiar with all types of different writing styles in order to be successful writers.

Common Writing Styles
The most common types of writing styles are academic, scientific, analytical, descriptive, reflective, technical, poetic etc. As one article is not sufficient to cover all these different writing styles we will discuss three types of writing. These are descriptive, narrative and analytical. Further clarification on different styles of essays can be obtained by going through a few essay examples.

  • Descriptive Writing Style – This manner of writing will describe certain aspects of the essay in a vivid and detailed manner. The aim is to provide the reader with a mental picture of what you are discussing.
  • Narrative Writing Style– This style is used when the writer wishes to discuss the essay in the third person. This allows the writer to use many points of view of others without confusing the reader.
  • Analytical Writing Style– The analytical writing style can be applied to anything as long as the writer analyzes the subject thoroughly. The word “how” is what analytical writing concentrates on.

As is clearly apparent each of these essay types uses different types of writing styles. If you are knowledgeable about how you use these styles in your essays, you will be able to produce a repertoire of interesting essays.

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