Romeo & Juliet Essay: The most Common Literature Essay

Romeo & Juliet Essay can be even written as a Love Essay

Romeo and Juliet essay is a common task which most students have to undertake in their senior years of high school. The play is the most recognized of Shakespeare’s work and revolves around a tragic ending of a young love due to a vendetta of the two families. This is one of the most common English essay topics and therefore, students are expected to be familiar with the text.

R Knowledge of the Play
Although it is a common topic, most students are unfamiliar with the details of the play. Some of them also find the tedious nature of Shakespearean literature difficult to comprehend. However, it is important that a good understanding of the play is acquired before attempting to write this essay.

R Alternative Forms of Essay
Your essay can be written as a love essay, where the topic of love can be spoken of as a preamble to the review of the Romeo & Juliet story. It can be written as a discussion essay where you discuss the Elizabethan era society and how the feuds and vendettas took place in this era. Or your essay can be an evaluation or analytical essay on the elements of the play.

When writing, it is best if the essay writer imagine himself to be a member of the audience and write it from a viewer’s point of view. The analysis should consider the characters, dialogues, tonality, set, stage music etc and the era in which the story unfolds. Make sure that it is referred to as a stage production when writing.

R Researching is a Must 
In order to write a good essay on a work of literature, the student must invest in sound research. This is because merely reading the work will not suffice in writing a comprehensive essay. By researching deeply, you will be able to uncover important and interesting reviews of other critics. But be sure to acknowledge other people’s ideas with proper citations and compliance with essay reference requirements.

R Quote Appropriately
Finally a tip for the writer is that appropriate quotes from the play will light up your Romeo & Juliet essay since Shakespeare was a master at words. You may use his magical and romantic lines within your essay but be sure to cite it by act, scene and line numbers for professional presentation of your essay.

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