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Convince the Readers by Using a Convincing Persuasive Essay Format

A persuasive essay is good reading material. However, when it comes to writing one it can be a totally frustrating experience. But then, writing any essay is a frustrating experience for those who don’t relish the work with the pen. One of the common elements of frustration is the lack of knowledge when it comes to formatting an essay. The format for a persuasive essay is no different from the format used to write other essays. However, to make it easier, we will educate you on coming up with a convincing persuasive essay format.

What is a Persuasive Essay?
A persuasive essay is one which students will argue on a point and persuade the reader through sound evidence to change his or her mind. For example, if your essay is based on abortion and your point of view is that it is murder, you will do your utmost to persuade the reader that this is the way in which he or she should also consider it. This type of essay is easy for many students as most of us are born with certain powers of persuasion. When writing the persuasive essay we should simply apply these powers and write logically and convincingly.

Format for the Persuasive Essay
The formats for essays will vary according to each academic institution. The most common formats for students to write essays will the APA and MLA formats. Each has its own set of requirements and it is recommended students go through as many essay examples of these formats so that they can write their essays efficiently. Apart from page formatting such as font and margins and citation styles, title page, outline and references these two formats have one thing in common. The persuasive essay format will have an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

The introduction of the essay will have the topic sentence, background information on the topic and the thesis statement. The main aim of the introduction is to catch the reader’s attention and compel the reader to continue with the essay. The body paragraphs will provide details of the topic in a logical and cohesive manner. Students should keep in mind that each paragraph should flow from one to the next and provide sufficient supporting evidence to the arguments. You need to have evidence if you want the reader to be persuaded into your way of thinking. The conclusion will summarize the entire essay and will concentrate on the main points provided. Be clear when writing the conclusion that this is the end of the essay.

The Importance of a Convincing Essay FormatAs persuasive essays are written to try and convince readers of a certain way of thinking, the format should be written in the correct manner. If the format for the essay is not convincing the essay will fail as a result. Therefore, it is important for students to format their persuasive essays correctly.

The contents of the essay are not the only elements which make the essay successful. It is also in the way you arrange and organize it. Therefore, the persuasive essay format should be clearly understood by students in order to write a convincing essay.

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