Selecting Effective Argumentative Essay Topics

Captivate the Reader by Selecting Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Arguments are something everyone is good at. To be able to have a successful argument is to be able to convert the other person into your way of appreciating something. For an argument to be effective you need to back the theories professed by sound evidence. This is the element used when writing an argument essay. But what about argumentative essay topics? How does one come up with a good essay topic for an argumentative essay?

What is Considered a Good Argument Essay?
A good argument essay should be logical and the position taken by the writer should be clear and focused. There should be no hesitation in arguing a point. To hesitate shows weakness. When writing an argument essay students need to ensure that they use sound evidence to back the argument and prove each point made, in separate paragraphs. A good argument essay should not only provide your side of the argument, but should provide information on the other side as well. There are many essay examples of argumentative essays which you can go through to understand how to write a good essay.

Selecting Good Essay Topics for an Argument Essay
Selecting argumentative essay topics is easier said than done. If one wishes to argue about something one has to ensure that it is of importance to the other person. This means that if you wish to argue about something, it is pointless selecting topics which no one is interested in hearing. Therefore, students should select topics which interest the reader. The topic should also be one which is up to date and current. There is no point to arguing about a topic which has been argued on many times either. Of course if you find any new aspect to the old argument this will be cause for a good essay topic. It is quite a common conception that anything that is controversial interests the readers. Therefore, if you want your argumentative topic to stand out you should select a controversial topic.

Topics for the Essay
Below are some essay topics which you can select for writing. It should be kept in mind however, that some of these essay topics will be too broad to write a five hundred word essay on. Therefore it should be narrowed down to a level that is manageable. Also, gauge the reader profile prior to embarking on a controversial topic because you do not want your readers to be intimidated or overwhelmed by the subject area.

  • Abortion – the most common topic select for argumentative essays. Students can discuss about the risks involved to the mother and the subsequent death of an unborn child. This once again depends on whether you are for or against abortion.
  • The internet – This can be discussed by asking if it is wise to be dependent so much on it.
  • Smoking – Students can argue on the health issues and indicate if heroin is bad and is banned, why not cigarettes.
  • School Uniforms– You can argue for wearing it or not.

Evident from above examples, there are many argumentative essay topics which students can use for writing essays. If they adhere to the above criterion they will be able to select essay topics which leave the reader totally captivated.

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