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Middle school essay writing introduces students to the three paragraph essay. This technique prepares students for the more complex five paragraph essay. The structure used for the five paragraph essay, will be used by students even in college. Therefore, it is important that students be thorough with the 5 paragraph essay format.

Why Use the 5 Paragraph format?

The 5 paragraph essay is the most commonly used format for any type of essay. This format is further extended in terms of number of paragraphs in the body when extended forms of essays are written. It is always a good idea to introduce a topic and speak about the topic instead of speaking about it out of the blue. If students simply begin discussing a topic without introducing it, it leaves the reader feeling confused. An essay should also have an ending. This is what the 5 paragraph format tries to teach the students. Without the use of such a format, your essay will not be organized.

What is the 5 Paragraph Format?

5 paragraph essays format is not a very complicated format. As this is important to your essay writing, let us educate you on what it should consist of.

  • Introduction – From the introduction, the reader will get a brief overview of the essay and what you are about to discuss. The introduction needs to grab the reader’s attention and captivate him or her into believing that you have something important to say. This is a very important element, especially if you are writing a scholarship essay or an admission essay for example. Your scholarship essay formatshould have an introduction which will compel the reader to continue to find out why you deserve the scholarship. The introduction is where you will include your thesis statement. This will be one sentence placed at the end of the introduction.
  • Body Paragraphs – Three paragraphs out of the five in the format will be designated to the body of the essay. This is where all the research you have conducted should be included. The body will also develop, expand and support the thesis statement. The paragraphs in the body of the essay should flow logically from one to the other. Students should always keep the thesis statement in mind when writing the body paragraphs as most often they tend to stray from it. By using topic lines to open the paragraphs and transition lines to end them, the body can be kept knitted together.
  • Conclusion – This is the last section in the 5 paragraphs essay format. This is where you signify the end of the essay. Provide the solution to the problem and summarize the contents of the essay in the conclusion.

Importance of Knowing the Format

The 5 paragraphs essay format is used for all types of essays ranging from GED essay to history essay. All essays written in high school and most essays in college will have to be written in this format. Therefore, it is vital that students are familiar with it.

Spend time on learning how to properly format your essays. If you are thorough with how you place your content and write your essays, part of the burden of essay writing will be dispelled.

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