Some Argumentative Essay Topics to Jumpstart Your Creativity

Controversial Topics can be the source of Interesting Argumentative Essays

A good argumentative essay must be based on an interesting argumentative essay topic. Your essay will take a topic and weigh the plus side and the minus side of the subject matter. This essay will argue as well as give information on the subject. It is the writer’s job to have a certain belief and use evidence to get the reader to change his beliefs and agree with the writer’s point of view. Most of the interesting essay topics of this nature tend to be controversial essay topics. This is because the controversy surrounding the subject provides two sides of the issue which can be argued upon and the interest factor of such a topic is higher than that of general English essays.

Argumentative Essay Topics
Below are some topic ideas for you to consider in order to write a successful essay. Each essay topic has a brief outline of the ideas that can be debated or argued in writing the essay.

  1. Global Warming: Is it real or are we imagining it?
  2. Does the war in Iraq serve any purpose?
  3. Is it fair for men to have many wives?
  4. Should the developed countries get involved in the matters of the third world countries?
  5. Is animal testing necessary?
  6. Is smoking the real culprit for strokes and heart attacks?
  7. Death penalty, is it needed?
  8. How old do students have to be before they are taught about sex?

Essay Tips
There are many topics of this nature and choosing a topic is not that difficult. But whatever you decide on, be sure that you have enough evidence and research to argue your case effectively. Your arguments have to be strong and convincing. Your personal beliefs have to be proven with strong arguments and reasons. This is the difference between an opinion essay or a discussion essay and an argumentative essay. In a discussion essay, for instance, the writer’s own opinion is the primary focus and it is not expected to be justified and backed with evidence. But in an argumentative essay the central requirement is to justify your point of view.

Use Well-Referenced Evidence 
The power of your argumentative essay will depend upon the strength and reliability of your cited evidence. Be sure to use a mix of sources which are reliable and respected such as text books or  journal articles. Use proper essay reference methods which will be necessary if your essay is to receive a high grade.

If you are still not sure of how to write an argumentative essay, then refer to some essay examples available online. Good luck with proving your point of view in an argumentative essay!

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