Start Writing with an Essay Layout

Writing an essay should start with designing an essay layout

Essay layout is the most basic and first thing that every writers should do before they start writing. Why does it sounds so important? It is simply because a good essay usually derived from a proper planned what-to-be-narrated outline or draft. Other reasons are to secure the overflowing ideas that could be easily forgotten in a minute or two, highlight the main points for a quick glance prior to start narrating or arrange the pattern of where and how those ideas or points should appear so that it would be thrilling or stimulating for people to read.

Elements in designing the layout of an essay

Again, it is very important to design a layout prior to start writing. Jot down anything that pops out in mind is helpful, in order to pick out the best or at least help out in connecting the scattered ideas.

The following is the common elements in an essay layout, listed according to the proper appearance in a common essay:

  • Introduction

This is the part where first impression to readers is made. For authors, it is very important to give a good first impression so that the following paragraph or part of the essay would seem appealing to be read. There are various methods on how to do this though, depend on the type of essay to write and styles to be applied. Also, as the name ‘introduction’ implies, this is where the bit of whole essay being clumped together, in a very short but informative words. In other words, it is like giving the whole idea of the essay in a much simpler term. Usually, formal like essays will practice this, meanwhile the less formal one will start out with suspense like story, situation, question or anything else for readers to wonder about. If the essay has objectives or aims to be accomplished, it is better to include them in this part. Still, it depends on the type of essay to write. Generally, it is applied in academic writing and can be found in almost all literature review example.

  • Body

This part should contain the main points of the essay. Each point has to be elaborated in separate paragraph, which means there could be more than one paragraph in this part. The arrangement of which points need to discuss first is another aspect needed to be paid attention to, since it could affect how people get convinced. An appropriate flow of the ideas is significant and it could be messed up just by misplacing the order of appearance in the essay.

  • Conclusion

In this part, the main message of the essay should be stressed out, also in a simple term similarly applied in introduction part. It should be noted that the main message is different from the main points elaborated earlier in the body part. Although these two are related to each other, the former is more towards a suggestion for the readers to think about after reading your essay.

Normally, introduction and conclusion should be written in one paragraph only, so that it would be easy to be recognized apart from other segment of the essay. Also, one more thing not to neglect is that a good essay should have a balance amount of words in each paragraph. This is why an essay should have a prior designed essay layout so that the author can make necessary arrangement in order to meet these conditions. The elements discussed above can be found in most essay examples, but would vary according to certain exception depending on the requirement of the essay itself.

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