The Basic of Scientific Essay Writing

Necessary elements to be present in scientific essay writing

What is scientific essay and how to write it? Sometimes the word ‘scientific’ itself sound a little bit scary, as it seems like it needs those hard-to-spell terms and a lot of complicated explanations. That is certainly true, and in comparison with other kind of essays, there are few differences needed to be paid attention to.

Scientific essay writing follows similar structure as other kind of essays do. Three parts which are introduction, body and conclusion forms the basic outline, each separated with different paragraph. So, what makes it so difficult to be written apart of other essays? Although it shares similar outline structure, this kind of essay is composed of more complicated and detailed content, precise and compacted. The reason is that it is reporting the fact, which is totally different from opinion based or other subjective kind of essay contents.

Writing science-related essays have to refer to others work and this requires citation, a method used to attribute or give credit to the authors. It is the inclusion of some information about the sources of reference such as author’s name and year of publication within the contents of essay. There are several citation formats available such as Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), Harvard, Chicago, Turabian and others to name a few. Selection for which formats to use depends on types of essay to write and requirement of essay question itself. Scientific essay writing usually make use of APA style, for the reason that it is easier to trace for the route of sources. However, other citation formats can be used as well, and again it depends on the essay question. Citations that quoted within the essay have to appear in reference part at the end of the essay and correctly related to each other.

For other types of essay, elaboration of points using lengthy words together with artistic form of writing is necessary and considered as a good strategy to make it interesting. In science-related essays, it is highly advisable to avoid this kind of writing and point’s explanation has to be compressed and straight forward. Reliability of message to be conveyed and author’s credibility depends on this, as people usually put high expectation from this kind of essay. Also, the style of writing to be used should be formal and metaphors, jokes or any unnecessary words should be emitted. Sometimes, numbers and units will be used in order to state measurements or data to support the content of the essay. In this case, numbers has to be in digit form and unit should follow standardized metric system for instance S. I. units (abbreviation for French le Système international d’unités or International System of Units).  You can refer to several essay samples in order to get few ideas on how other writers fulfill these requirements.

Essay format for scientific essay maybe a bit different from other essays we have to say. Although it shares similar basic outline, the contents and requirements for the writing need few aspects to be focused on. However, with proper research and some practice, it would not be as difficult as you think of. Any kind of essays has their own difficulty and it is the amount of efforts you put into that matters.

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