The Most Effective Ways of Starting an Essay

Starting an Essay is sometimes the Most Difficult Task in Essay Writing

Starting an essay is considered tougher than writing an essay for many. An essay needs to begin properly in order to “catch” the reader’s attention. Would you read a book if the beginning is boring and makes no sense? The same is applicable when beginning the essay. You have to consider a beginning which grabs the reader’s attention. However, the beginning only will not make the essay interesting. The entire essay has to be well written in order to com up with a good essay. Let us discuss and educate ourselves on how to begin an essay with a good essay starter.

The Ways an Essay Can Be Started

There are a few ways in which you can begin your essay. These are to use a famous quote, begin with a question, make a statement, use a controversial theme and by using an anecdote. Any one element out of these four can be used for starting essays.

Using the Famous Quote

There are many quotes which students can use to begin their essays. However, you cannot simply use any quote you wish. Quotes used for beginning essays should be relevant to the subject. For example, if you are writing essays for an English class you can quote Shakespeare. If you are writing for a math or physics class you will not be able to use Shakespeare but you may use a few words by Einstein.

Beginning with a Question

Starting an essay with a question is definitely a risky move. Many essay topics are statements. Therefore, students need to be very careful how they word their questions. However, if you select a good question, this will be a winner. The question should be thought provoking and it should be rhetorical.

Making a Statement

By using this element to begin your essay you are making a bold move. By making a statement you can either agree or disagree with the topic. Whichever way decided, ensure that there is sufficient proof which you can use to back your statement.

Using an Anecdote

An anecdote is especially useful when writing essays such as scholarship application essay. This can be a story about your life which will grab the attention of the reader. Make sure the story is interesting to others and not only to you by asking others if it is worthwhile writing it. An anecdote should not be more than three or four sentences long.

Using a Controversial Theme

Even if you do not use any of the above to start your essay, beginning with a controversial theme will always attract attention. Controversial subjects always interest the readers. If you lack motivation to begin your essay in any of the above ways you can always begin with a controversial theme. Essays such as child abuse essayand child labour essays are controversial and can be begun using this method.

Once students have a good way to start essays, the rest will be easy. Therefore, it is recommended that students do the best they can to learn how to begin their essays in the proper manner.

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