The Use of the Five Senses Plays an Important Role When Writing Your Description Essay

Descriptive essays should be Written to Give a Vivid Image to the Reader

description essay is written to give the reader a vivid detailed idea about a specific item. This is achieved by giving detailed observations and describing minutely what you will be writing.

An essay of this type can be written about a place, a person, an experience or even an object and many more. If what you write about has special meaning to you, your essay will be the better for it, as it comes from the heart. Your words will reach across the pages and paint a picture in the mind of the reader. While this essay is similar to an informative essay, it will have more details in it and have a first hand touch with the writer’s own sensory evaluations included in to the writing.

R Sensory Expressions 
This type of essay should be written using all five sensors. When describing the topic of choice it is suggested that you should not just ‘tell’ it but to ‘show’ it as well. For example, when describing a person, and the way the person looks, instead of saying the person had long hair, you can begin to describe how the hair felt to the touch and compare it to something. “Her hair felt soft and like threads of silk…” Reading the post on descriptive essay prompts will give you more ideas on this topic matters.

R Use of Adjectives
The use of adjectives when writing your essay will help you immensely to describe whatever you write on. This will help to make your ordinary essay in to an extraordinary one. Keep in mind though; going overboard with your adjectives might make it look overdone to your reader. Another way to make your essay interesting is to compare it with something which is rare and exotic.

R Initial Outline
Draft out your essay making by following rules on how to write an essay outline. This helps you to make sure you have given all the details that you wished to write and give a proper essay structure and essay format. Choose a proper essay title to grab the attention of the reader from the very beginning.

R Final Edit 
Review your draft and make sure you have not kept out any minor details which could be important, and take out the ones that really are not necessary. Edit it and proofread it to get that perfect professional image to your essay. Make sure all your punctuations, spellings and grammar are in order. In order for you to write a cohesive description essay, each paragraph should flow naturally to the next. The main focus of your essay is to leave your reader with a vivid picture in his mind about what you have written.

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