There are many interesting Themes on which you can write Your Montana 1948 Essay

Analytical Essays can be written on Any Subject Matter

An analytical essay analyses a certain subject matter and this can be just about any thing. You may analyse a play, a poem, or a novel if you are to write on an English essay topic. In other cases, the analysis may be on some data, figures and reports. It is also known as a research paper. Analysis requires you to dissect the whole and probe in to the “how” aspects of interrelated linkages. It is important to note that an analytical essay is not about “what” something means. Mere explanations of a matter does not result in an analysis hence can not produce this type of an essay.

  • Useful Tips

Whatever you are analyzing, you have to know your subject well. Examine it, take it apart, and find out everything you can about the essay topic. When you understand the whole object, you can write a better essay on it. If you are studying a piece of art, find other paintings that are similar and the era it was painted in. What inspired the artist and the backdrop and historical relevance of the work may also be pertinent. You can draw some ideas from book review essay and critical analysis essay guidelines as well.

  • Organise your Ideas

Including your personal views on what is being analysed is recommended. Question your own arguments; this helps you to organise your thoughts logically and provide the required evidence to back up your analysis. Use an essay outline to facilitate your analysis as this prompts you to preplan the flow of the essay as well as what will be addressed in it. If you write the essay haphazardly, you will miss important points and you may also put your thoughts all over the essay instead of placing it logically to give a smooth flow. Your essay should be built up step by step to identify the key issues within your analysis and then to support and validate your analysis with evidence drawn from various sources.

  • Format & Structure of the Essay

Using correct English essay format is essential for writing any essay. Your essay should have a properly formatted essay cover page, a strong introduction, a well structured body and a meaningful conclusion. The introduction will present the subject of analysis in brief and outline what you intend to discuss in terms of your analysis within your thesis statement.

The body of your essay will usually consists of three paragraphs, will provide your evidence for the argument and explain different opinions and arguments as well. You will spend the body of your essay arguing your points of analysis. The whole analysis MUST be supported by evidence, theories, facts and figures etc and should not be just subjective comments by the writer.

The conclusion will summarize your ideas and must not leave the reader with any questions in his mind as to whether your arguments and analysis is valid. Justify all of them and your job is done in writing a good analytical essay.

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