Tips for Persuasion Essays

Incorporate Your Powers of Persuasion to Write Convincing Persuasion Essay

Many students will find that it is easier to write the persuasion essay than all the other essays. The reason being, that the ability to persuade is within them. If you sit down to watch a favourite program on TV all the commercials which are shown in between the program are trying their level best to persuade you to buy whatever they are selling. And most often it works! The same persuasion techniques should be applied when writing the essay as well.

Writing an Essay Persuasively
A persuasive essay proves a point. And how you go about proving it will make the readers change their minds. For example, going back to the TV commercials, if the product being sold is not marketed in the proper manner, no one will be interested enough to buy it. The same goes for the essay writing. Before you begin the writing procedure decide on what your stand on the topic selected will be. Are you for or against it? Once you decide this the rest is all about gathering adequate research material to back the evidence. A strong persuasive essay is one that is backed by sound evidence. Use testimonies, statistics, examples, personal experiences etc. as your evidence to support each point within your persuasion. If you are unsure as to how to proceed with the essay go through a persuasive essay example. All good essay examples regardless of type helps students to write their essays in the proper manner.

Persuasion Topic Selection
Persuasion essay topics could be assigned by the tutor by the use of persuasive essay prompts. If not students will have to select a topic on their own through brainstorming methods such as, free writing, listing or clustering. Whichever method selected keep in mind that the topic should be interesting and familiar to you. This will enable you to write a good persuasive essay.

Format for the Essay
As with every other essay written in high school and college, this essay too, has a format. Essay formats will vary according to every academic institution. Therefore, it is important that students find out which format they are to use before actually beginning the writing of the essay. The most common essay writing formats are the APA format and the MLA format. Students are advised to have a sound understanding of these two formats to aid their essay writing process.

Structure for the Essay
The essay should have an introduction which will “hook” the reader in. Begin with a good quote, anecdote or a question. This is guaranteed to draw attention and that is what is required of the essay introduction. The body will go on to provide supporting opinions offered in the thesis statement of the introduction, while preparing and anticipating the opposing viewpoints as well. The conclusion will signify the end of the essay. This will be done by summarizing the important points of the essay.

If you are good with your persuasion essay and have written it accordingly, you would have succeeded in persuading the reader in to believing your point of view.

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