Tips on Simple Essay Writing

Simple Essay Writing is sometimes not so simple

Essays are complicated. This is a natural agreement among students. Then why do they have to write an essay called the simple essay? Everyone has their own idea of what simple means. Something which seems simple to you might not be so for another. An essay that is simple might be easy for others while posing a challenge for the rest. In order to make it a little easier for you, let us find out how to write an essay of this type.

Simple Essay Topics 
An essay that is regarded as simple can be written on any topic which is not overly complicated and dutiful in its considerations and analysis. Selecting a topic for this essay should follow the same methods utilized when selecting other essay topics such as controversial essay topics or argumentative essay topics. The most significant elements to be considered when selecting is that it should be interesting and address an uncomplicated subject. Few examples of simple essay subjects may be “my life”, “my school” or “my summer holiday”. These essay topics are ideal to be written in narration or descriptive tone which is uncomplicated.

simple essays may require research as much as or less than other more complicated topics and essay forms such as extended thesis essays, proposal essays or case study essays. There are many sources of information which can be obtained in libraries and from online resources. Always keep in mind that all sources used should be cited in the correct essay format irrespective of whether the essay is simple or not.

The structure used for this essay is the same one which is used to write all types of essays. This is the five paragraph essay format. This is usually used when writing essays which are within the range of 500 words. If you require some additional insights, you can check out a 500 word essay example. The first section is the introduction which provides the reader with background information on the topic. This will also contain the thesis statement and the relevance of the topic being discussed. The body will go on to discuss the topic and will support the thesis statement. Each paragraph of the body, will argue one main idea. The conclusion will summarize the entire essay.

Writing the Essay
Now that you know the important aspects of preparing for the essay, you can get down to writing it. Here are a few tips on what to look out for when writing the essay.
• The writing should be simple as the essay suggests and should be comprehensible to the readers.
• For an essay of this type to be effective the contents of the essay have to be written clearly.
• It should be relevant to the readers and should make an impact on them.
• An essay of this type should be descriptive and attractive.

If these elements are incorporated in to the essay you will have an effective simple essay which is worth a good grade. Going through a few essay samples will help you understand how the essay is written.

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