Tips on Writing Your Graduate School Essay

The ability to be accepted into a graduate school of your choice depends upon many things. Firstly, you grades have to be acceptable. You have to have the qualifications necessary to be considered for the graduate school and lastly, you have to be able to write an outstanding graduate school essay.

Hundreds of A+ students submit their applications for graduate school. These students will have excelled in many extra curricular activities have excellent GPA scores and will be students who are excellent at writing essays. Therefore, it is vital that you too do the best you can to write an outstanding essay which highlights all your strengths and create a sense of confidence in the selectors of your capabilities.

Organising the Essay
Many graduate school essays are rejected or disregarded due to the improper organising of the content. Students who write their essays in a haphazard manner, without any proper structure to their essays stand only a slim chance of getting an impressive message across to the reader. A good essay for graduate school needs to be structured in the proper manner. There are various methods of structuring your essay, but the most common one will be with an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. The introduction will inform the reader what the essay is about. This is the first section which the reader comes across in the essay and it is important to be written in a manner which catches the reader’s attention. A good essay starter can contribute greatly to an impressive introduction. The body paragraphs will have to be written in a manner which holds the reader’s attention and convey the intended points clearly and precisely to the reader. The conclusion will mention the key points in the essay and end on a positive note. It can also highlight how eagerly you will await a favourable consideration of your application which will help you achieve your future dreams.

How to Write the Essay
Many students have no idea what they should include in their graduate school essays. Should they be humorous, serious or should they write in a very formal manner? Should they write in the first person or third? These are some of the questions which plague students’ minds.

graduate school essay should be written in a tone which balances both aspects of informality and seriousness. The Admission Board goes through many essays for the day, and if your essay is very serious it could be considered boring. Remember, your essay is a reflection of who you are. If you are too cheerful, this could impress upon the Board that you are not serious about your studies. Therefore, be very careful how you write the essay as it will be a portrayal of yourself.

The essay can be written in the first person, but students should not overuse the words “I”, “we” or “my”. If you are unsure as to how to write an admission essay for graduate school, go through an admission essay example. This will provide you the necessary information to write a good essay.

You may think that writing a personal essay of this nature does not need to comply with essay writing requirements applicable to writing a comparative essay or any other essay. But this is a misconception. You should apply all the basic essay writing rules in to the writing and work diligently to submit an excellent application essay for the graduate school of your choice.

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