Tips To Apply In Order To Write a Better Extended Essay

Extended Essays writing involves Longer Versions of General Essay writing

An extended essay (EE) is written as a requirement for the IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma Program. This essay usually provides the students a chance to do independent research on the topic of their choice. The maximum number of words allowed 4000 for an essay of this type. This document is regarded as a dissertation. Below are a few extended essay tips in order for you to achieve cohesive and successful essay writing.

This is the main item when writing any essay. The topic is either assigned or the choice can be yours. Most often the choice is given to the student as he or she can select a favorite subject, something interesting. Look for topics that interest you as well as something that you think will interest the reader as well. This does not apply to this type of essay only, but to all essays in general. Once you have chosen the topic and completed your research, develop an essay outline and start on the rough draft utilizing the information accumulated from researching. The draft does not have to stick to the 4000 word limit for as you progress with your essay writing and editing, certain sections will be taken out.

Thesis Statement
The actual writing procedure will require you to figure out the “what” and the “how” of your essay. In other words, you will have to come up with the central point of your topic. You will spend your whole essay arguing this point. This is called the thesis statement. This will be written in the introduction part of your paper.

The Body
In this part of your essay, you will highlight the main points of your essay. Write clearly and make sure your paragraphs blend well. This is where you will be able to write the most to make your essay long. Make sure each paragraph contains new information to support your thesis statement.

When citing your sources, you should find out which format you should be using. The standard format of MLA and APA are the most common for this type of essay. Keep track of direct quotations and paraphrased material so that appropriate in text citations can be included. Unlike in writing a personal essay, this type of essay will need plenty of evidence and reference material to be cited within the writing. You do not want to be accused of plagiarism as essays of this type are very strict about adherence to such requirements.

This gives you the opportunity to give your views on the subjects discussed. Do not stray from the point, your conclusion should be consistent with the body of the essay.

The only difference between extended essays and normal essays is the length. Therefore, extended essay tips applied to your essay should be applied to other essays as well.

By logging in to the net, you will find plenty of sample essays, written in extended essay form. Since this is one of the most crucial essays you will be writing in your high school years to attain the international baccalaureate qualification, you may consider seeking custom essay writing assistance from a professional essay writing company as well.

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