Tips to Search for Interesting Essay Topics

Searching for interesting essay topics should consider few tips

Writing a very good and attractive essay always require selection of interesting essay topics to start with. However, how do we know whether the selected topics are interesting or not? As defining the word ‘interesting’ is subjective and might be different to each individual, it is good to know the way to search for topics that would be appealing to most of people.

Here are few tips on how to search for an interesting essay topic:

Know the main issues

First and foremost is to identify main issues around you at the moment of writing. Whether it is local or global matter, make a list of them and pick only the best that match your ability of writing. For instance, current issues like world’s economy, global warming, nuclear technology, bio-weapons or depletion of fossil fuel to name a few. Also, issues that always exist and likely to remain in the future such as territory issue between Palestinians and Jews, drugs abuse, bribery and so on can caught readers’ attention as well. Why this is important? It is simply because there would be a mass source of references available about the selected topics. Writing process would require few researches to be done and availability of loads of references is necessary. This is one major factor that makes your essay reliable and worth to read. So, once the best issue has been sorted out, generation of topics that matters with the issue can be done. For example, if you choose global warming issue, related topics can be like “the responsibility of industrial countries towards overwhelming global warming” or “emergence of green technology to overcome global warming”. After all, it depends on your ideas and creativity to play around the keywords of the selected issue.

Find the highly-searched keywords

In order to generate interesting essay topics for writing, keywords play roles in determining the rank of some matters pertaining to the issue. As an example, the use of words such as ‘industrial countries’ or ‘green technology’ in global warming issue as previously mentioned. Although the issue itself is sufficient to attract readers, narrowing down the scope of issue would not be a waste. Of course it would require a little bit more time to make some research on it though, but it is worth to be done. So, how to do this? Searching manually for this keyword is surely impossible, since there are so many words which can be formed into lots of different keywords. Luckily, we have computer and information technology to work on this. Nowadays, there are many websites that offer keyword search service and the results can be generated within few minutes. Most of these websites are operated based on special software functioned to analyze keywords density for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purpose, which also allow for ranking the most-searched keywords in the internet.

Topics cover wide range of target readers

This is usual for any purpose of writing, especially the one with commercial publication. To search for interesting essay topics, it should be able to cover wide range of target readers. Meaning that the topics chosen should be able to caught attention of more than one group of readers, whether it is college students, working adult, housewives, working mother, businessman or other potential groups.

Methods of searching for interesting essay topics can be varied among different people. Referring to few essay samples might work as well, in order to get a glimpse of idea on how to write a good and attractive essay.

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