TOK Essay Provides Your Views on and Interpretations of Knowledge

If you are studying for International Baccalaureate qualification or IB, then you will need to prepare for writing a TOK essay. This commonly used abbreviation stands for Theory Of Knowledge essay in which students are expected to extend their opinionated view on a given essay topic related to the concept of knowledge. These essays are in the word range of 1200 -1300 and allow the writer to extend a clear but concise argument on the given subject with the backing of good examples. Let us discuss some of the key points which can ensure a good grade for your essay on knowledge.

Key Requirements of the Essay
Good TOK Essays will demonstrate each point with appropriate examples. This can strengthen your essay immensely and therefore should be a foremost consideration in the mind of the essay writer. Secondly, the essay must build a clear and extended argument or an opinion on the subject being addressed. Writing a collection of loosely related points should be avoided and the central opinion should be hinted at from the very beginning. Avoid getting engrossed in providing definitions as you may need to do in a law essay or a business essay. Conceptualizing constructs as “knowledge” remains rather elusive to us and may not prove feasible within a short essay of this nature. It is therefore better to provide an interpretation on which you will base your writing.

Basic Requirements 
As this is an academic essay to be reviewed by external examiners, the basic requirements of essay writing needs to be stringently adhered to in writing TOK Essays. Make sure that all and any information you cite from other sources are properly referenced in the essay. Since you are expected to use examples as evidence you are most likely to draw upon information from a wide variety of sources. The essay may be formatted as an MLA style essay in most cases. If you are not sure whether your references are properly formatted, get a trial essay written by you to be corrected by a professional essay checker.

Having a proper essay structure is also critical for the success of your essay. Use the introduction of the TOK essay to outline the direction of your essay and the basic premises upon which you will write your opinion. Then move on to the body of the essay and logically present 3-4 points which augment the central thesis of the essay. Each point should be addressed in a separate paragraph and with use of proper transition lines, keep the body linked together to the central line of argument you are pursing to establish.

It is critical that you rehearse your essay writing in preparation of facing essay writing topics for TOK assignment. In doing so, you may wish to acquire help from a professional essay writing company to guide you in doing this in correct fashion. After all, if you don’t apply the correct writing techniques in your practice runs, it is unlikely that you will write it properly when facing the real essay.

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