Treat Your Essay Cover Page With Importance

Comply with the Standards and Requirements of Essay Writing Guide When Creating the Essay Cover Page

An essay cover page is the easiest of the pages when you are compiling your coursework submissions. However, its importance is the same as the rest of the essay. This is so since it creates the first impression the reader will have about the essay. The reader will form an impression of the paper from the cover page which will be hard to shake off. Therefore, it is vital that this page is written and formatted in the proper manner.

  • Creating Impressions

Think of a book you will take to your hand at the bookstore. If the cover is done in an intriguing manner it will compel you to investigate the book further. The same can be said about the cover page of your essay paper. This is why the content in the cover page should be interesting and it should comply with proper essay format. While you can not make much of an amendment to standard information such as your name, course title and submission date, you can make your essay title interesting. This is bound to catch the attention of your reader and prompt them to turn the pages.

  • Comply with Style Requirements

Your cover page should be written as per certain essay format. The most common and frequently utilized formats are the APA and MLA formats. An APA style essay should have a cover page formatted as per APA style guide and a Harvard style essay should have a cover page that adheres to the Harvard guidelines. Most often you tutor will assign you the essay and format as well. It is imperative that you adhere to these formats, if not your essay will be disqualified, or your marks penalized.

  • General Requirements

There are certain requirements which need to be followed when writing your cover page.

  1. The title of the essay should be written in a font size slightly larger than the actual essay font, and should be centered and the beginning letter of each word should be capitalized.
  2. The name of the essay writer (student) should be followed by the date the essay is being submitted. This should be included after the essay title.
  3. Your class subject and the name of your tutor should be included in your cover page as well.
  4. It should be presented in formal manner and no boarders or pictures are permitted.
  5. Some assignments require you to state the name of the college or the university. Do this only if your coursework guide states so.

A minimum of 1 mark is allocated for the proper cover page and the negative impression the tutor gets when he or she sees a wrongly formatted cover page is more detrimental for the rest of the paper. Therefore it is necessary for you to pay attention to this easy and minor matter. If you need assistance with your cover page formatting, refer to samples of online essays.

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