Use Examples to Make an Illustration Essay Effective

You Can Select Various Types of Examples to Support Your Arguments within an Illustration Essay

To illustrate means to explain a specific item with the use of pictures, charts and examples. Whatever illustration essay you choose to write, it has to be explained vividly and in detail. Your essay can be on anything you wish. It can be on a special experience or a book you have read, or even on a well drawn painting. Your goal is to convince the reader, by the use of examples, that your point of view being extended through the essay is valid and correct.

  • Topic selection 
    in some cases, your tutor may assign you the topic or otherwise you will need to select it on your own. If you are to make the choice, then select something which you are familiar with. This will help you, as the majority of what you will write in this type of essay is to give examples and you will already have what you want to say in your mind. Make it as interesting as possible. You can even choose a controversial essay topicand then proceed to prove your point of view with ample use of valid examples. Your aim should be to get the full attention of your reader which in turn will give you a better chance in securing a high score.
  • Types of examples
    There are different types of examples you can utilize in order for you to write your essay. If you need to express your personal views you can use Specific Examples. If you are using imaginary situations to explain your point then you can use Hypothetical Examples. And finally, using Typical Examples will let you explain by using general experiences of people. Whichever example you use, make sure it is the correct one and also not dull and boring ones. Using insignificant examples can also undermine the point you are trying to prove. An essay tip to note is that you can make use of a mi of these example types within your essay.
  • Writing with an Outline 
    Your examples have to be connected to the thesis statement. You cannot just explain and describe without it being coherent. In order for you to write logically and to the point, drafting an essay outline will help you to structure your ideas. Refer to the post on how to write essay outline for more on this matter.
  • Finishing Touches
    Once the outline is completed, you can move on to the actual writing phase. There will be several drafts before you actually finalize your essay. So, once you have written your first or second draft read it again and check for errors. Sometimes you would have repeated certain things and presented facts which are not relevant. Rechecking will help you to recognize these errors. Remember that proofreading and editing can bring your descriptive essay to a new level of professionalism.
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