Using Persuasive Essay Prompts Effectively

Persuasive Essay Prompts Needs Solid Evidence to Support Your Opinion

persuasive essayis written in a way that is made for the reader to believe what the writer has said. Everything should be about persuasion. The reader should believe without a doubt that what the writer is saying is correct. This requires a lot of evidence which will have to be used to back the writer’s argument. For most students, writing a persuasive essay will be easy. But when it comes to thinking of a topic for the essay they will not be able to come up with one. Therefore, most academic institutes provide the topic along with a prompt for the students’ to choose. Persuasive essay prompts are provided in order for the student to have a guideline on what he should write for his essay. It can be on any subject matter. It can be about geography, math, language etc.

Below are a few prompts you might use in writing a persuasive essay.

  1. You believe that serving fizzy drinks at fast food outlets is a bad idea. Write a letter trying to persuade the manager not to serve fizzy drinks.
  2. Write a letter to your school board and persuade them to buy new and up to date science equipment for the labs.
  3. If you took a character from any Shakespeare play, who would you think is the most suitable to run for President in your country? Write a convincing persuasive essay and give adequate reasons.
  4. Do you agree that abortion should be legalized all over the world? Give reasons as to why you agree or disagree.
  5. You have been living in the same place since you were born. Now your parents have decided that it’s better for you to relocate to somewhere else. Write an essay supporting the move or staying.
  6. You have been invited to go with your friends to France. As there is no adult supervision, you think you might have a problem getting permission from your parents. Write a letter to them trying to persuade them to agree to the trip.
  7. You have just seen an article in the paper about a book you have read recently. You can give a brief description of the article and state whether you agree or disagree with it and why.

A seasoned essay writer knows that when writing this type of an essay, you cannot have two opinions. You have to either agree or disagree. There is no middle ground either. Whichever opinion, make sure you have enough valid and concrete evidence to back you, and you can make your essay a persuasive one. Proper citation of the sources of evidence is also required so, get yourself well educated on different requirements of essay reference systems.

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