Who can write My Essay Please?

College life for most students is hectic, what with the demands of jobs, lecture schedules and not to mention the final exams looming ahead. As the responsibilities in their lives demand more time from them they are unable to complete many written assignments. Many students with such busy schedules and stressful lifestyles will not hesitate in asking the question “Who can write my essay please?” This is why the trend for custom essay requests is in the rise.

You will probably have to ask this request from a professional writing company and there are plenty of these mushrooming in the industry these days. While some companies are excellent in the art and science of essay writing, some are not. Caution should be exercised when selecting the correct writing company as some of them are bogus of fake and will not do your job. You will be left with no time to write your assignment by your self, not to mention the loss of money and the frustration and anger at being taken for a ride.

What should you do when faced with the dilemma? How will you choose the correct writing company that will complete your work and hand it over to you on time?

The main thing is to look do some good researching. Don’t go for the one that you see first. Browse through the internet and consider what each writing company has to offer. You should also make it a point to browse through their example essay. Be wary of the companies that offer very low rates for writing your essay. Anything that comes too cheap is not good. The rates should be reasonable. Once you conduct a good research, you will realize that certain companies stick to same rates which should reflect the industry averages. Find out if you are not satisfied with the writing whether you can get your money back. Those who promise a money back guarantee but forget to mention how you can go about it in their FAQ section will probably are not planning to reimburse you. Just to make sure, inquire about the process when you contact the support staff.

Make sure that the writing company you choose is available to you 24/7. You should be able to communicate with your assigned writer at any time of the day. Your input into the assignment should be welcome at any time. Request the writer to upload the essay outline so that you know which areas being addressed before hand. Corrections made at this stage make both writer’s and your life easier. The writing company you choose should involve you in the process of writing, and you should be able to pass on all relevant criteria on the assignments, your own ideas, and even your research.

Also, inquire in to different types of essays written by the company. Most companies have a different page covering each type of coursework or essay type. For example, by scanning through the page information on personal essay, you will be able to know how knowledgeable is the company on the requirements of this essay form.

Also check on how long the company has been in business. The oldest company would be the most authentic. Of course some new companies are also authentic, but if you are unsure of anything while browsing, go for the one that you are 100% sure of. Do not enter into anything unless you have absolutely no doubts about the company. Some companies offer the customers to view the feedback of previous clients. Some of the more professional firms offer writer profiles and sample work portfolios of the writers so that you can have a glimpse of the writer’s style and caliber when your assignment is allocated to a particular writer.

Lastly, speak to your classmates. Most of them will know good writing companies which have assisted them at some point in their lives. Elder siblings or friends will also be able to help you choose the correct writing service and will advice you on which ones to stay away from. After all, word of mouth is a strong promotional tool and this is true for spreading the recommendations as well as writing off a bad company. Good luck in finding the correct answer to your pressing question of “who will write my essay!”

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