Write Cohesively with a Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline Will Help Organize Your Essay to be More Cogent

Comparing and contrasting is an everyday occurrence. When we need to make decisions we compare and contrast the differences and similarities. For example, when selecting colleges students will compare and contrast it to another college which also holds particular appeal. Writing a compare and contrast essay brings in this thought process in to words. One of the important elements to writing a good compare and contrast essay is the compare and contrast essay outline. Let us educate ourselves on this.

The Outline
When writing a compare and contrast essay it is important for students to identify what is being compared and identify the points which make it worthy of comparison. However, many students find this hard to express in words. Although they are good with identifying the points of comparison they are unable to input this information into an essay in an organized manner. The outline will help students to do just this.

Once students have identified the key points of the essay, they should ensure that the points are relevant to the topic. These points should represent the dimensions in which the two or more alternatives being compared are linked.

Ouline Introduction
compare and contrast essay outline is similar to any other essay outline. Students will begin by writing the introduction with a thesis statement. Avoid going into detail here as that will be done in the body of the essay. The thesis statement will define the purpose of the essay which will be to compare and contrast the objects or subjects under consideration. This should be written clearly and logically as without a good thesis statement, the entire essay will have no direction.

Arrangement of Body
The body of the essay will go into detail providing providing comparisons and contrasts on each key feature. The outline can be done either in a tandem pattern or the alternate pattern. This means either one subject’s particular feature’s similarities and differences can be discussed in the paragraphs or each subject’s similarities and differences can be discussed alternatively. Whichever way you choose to write the outline you should keep in mind that the outline is only a draft. It can be changed accordingly.

Outlining the Conclusion
The conclusion of the outline should once again restate the thesis statement. No new information should be included in this section of the essay outline as it will confuse the reader.

Editing the Outline
Once the outline is complete, you should go through it one more time. Check if all points mentioned in the body of the essay are in relation to the thesis statement. Check on the logicality of the essay. Does it make sense? Edit your outline accordingly. Ask yourself, if the outline is directing yoru ideas and discussion in a cohesive and cogent manner.

Many students find writing even the compare and contrast essay outline a tough task. These students will be greatly benefited by going through a few essay examples of compare and contrast essays. These examples will provide you with extra ideas as to how your compare and contrast essay should be written to obtain a good grade.

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