Writing a Meaningful “A View from the Bridge” Essay

Students doing English literature are assigned many types of essays based on various works of literature. These essays range from the Romeo and Juliet essay to Death of a Salesman essay. There is a vast body of literature which students have to be familiar with in order to excel at writing this type of essays. One such essay which students should be well prepared for is “A view from the Bridge” essay.

What is it About?
A stage production first done in September 1955 on Broadway, it was written by the famous author who was responsible for the story “the death of a salesman”, Arthur Miller. The play is about three common people, Eddie, his wife Beatrice and their orphaned niece Catherine. Eddie’s feelings for his niece change when he realizes that his wife’s cousin who has entered the country illegally, has feelings for Catherine. What ensues is the tragic tale of how Eddie tries to dissuade Catherine from marrying the cousin, Rodolpho. In desperation, Eddie informs the Immigration Bureau that Rodolpho is in the country illegally, thereby, losing the respect of his neighbours and friends and family. The final scene in the play has Marco, the other cousin, killing Eddie over this incident.

Writing the Essay
“A View from the Bridge” essay is an easy essay to write as it is a story of a man’s feelings no matter how forbidden, for another. Love stories with tragic endings always raise great interest in students. However, students need to ensure that they read the play thoroughly and analyze and understand even the subtle nuances of the play before they begin the writing process. Without a proper and deep understanding of the subject, they will not be able to write a good essay.

Character Analysis
If students wish to write about a character in the play, for their “A view from the Bridge” essays, there are four or five characters which they can write about. There is Eddie the hard working longshoreman, Catherine, the heroine and the main character, Rodolpho, the lover and Beatrice, Eddie’s wife. Writing about characters lets the readers know that you have had a good grasp of the play and are able to assess the portrayal of each person correctly. Students can also write about the relationship between Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine and how their relationship compares with typical modern day American family.

Theme and Plot Analysis
There are many elements in the play which resemble a Greek tragedy. Students can write about these elements or the overall theme and plot in the essay or the importance of stage directions and what they reveal about each character in the play.

All essays including “A view from the Bridge” essays need the contents of the essay presented in an organized manner. This is where an essay layout helps. A good layout should be thought out before beginning the essay. The contents of the layout will depend on the format you will be following. Therefore, it is important to know which format you will have to write your essay in before beginning the essay writing procedure. With a properly planned layout you are assured of an excellent essay.


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