Writing A Successful GED Essay

Your GED Essay should Demonstrate Skills Which the Examiners are Expecting

General Education Development (GED) credential is for adults who had missed out on attaining a high school diploma but would like to acquire a similar qualification at a later stage of life. The GED tests cover the subjects of science, social studies, math, language art or reading and writing. While most of the papers are multiple choice form, there is a written essay component in Language Arts paper. It is with this GED essay that most of the candidates face difficulties with.

If you are planning to take a GED test and have chosen language arts subject, then getting prepared for the essay component is essential as it will impact the composite score of the subject by being accountable for 35% of the test score. First of all, it is recommended that you as the essay writer get all the facts and information on the essay prior to attending the test. By writing a number of trial essays which will adhere to the requirements will give you a good practice.

It is important for you to know what type of GED essay topics will be available. Usually the topic prompts are provided for the candidates and they are expected to make an explanation or provide a personal point of view related to the essay prompt provided. Therefore it will benefit you to get yourself educated on how to write opinion essays as well as narrative essays. The expected minimum word count is 250 words but a 500-word essay will be more suitable.

The best way to write a successful essay for your GED test is by being aware of the key areas in which the skills are being measured. Then you should demonstrate these key skills in the essay you write. Here are the five criteria against which GED examiners measure your essay:
1. Is the essay written in response to the provided essay prompt? Here the requirement is that your writing from the introduction to the conclusion relates to the prompt and that you do not deviate.
2. Does the essay written demonstrate an organized plan for development
3. Is the essay well supported by relevant details? Here you must use your knowledge, experience to enrich your essay and prove the point of view you are making.
4. Is the paper written as per sound English? This means you must write with proper grammar, sentence structure and be free of spelling mistakes.
5. Lastly the essay must have a good choice of word usage, which is varied, appropriate and precise.

By tailoring your essay writing to demonstrate these five areas which forms the essay marking criteria, a GED candidate stands a good chance of gaining a high score than merely writing an essay without knowing what the critical areas in the essay which the examiners will be probing in to.

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