Writing an Impressive George Orwell Essay

George Orwell Essay Can Be Written on Many Aspects

George Orwell was the author of the much famed Animal Farm, the novel which students had to write essays on in high school. This type of essay is an easy one for students to write as it concentrates on the author and his work. When assigned the George Orwell Essay there are many elements which students can incorporate in to it. Let us try and understand a little bit about the author, before the essay writing procedure.

Who is George Orwell?
Born Eric Blair in 1903, George Orwell was educated in Eton. After a variety of jobs he began writing articles for magazines under the pseudonym. His first book was “Down and out in Paris and London”. This book basically was about his life and struggles as a writer. George Orwell went on to write many more books. These included “The Road to Wigan Pier” which made him one of the recognized writers in Britain, “Coming up for Air” and “Animal Farm” etc.

The Essay
When you are assigned the George Orwell essay, you need to ensure that you know everything possible about the author. Therefore, it is recommended that you read as much as you can about him. The essay can be written on many elements. You have to decide what you will discuss in the essay. Will it be about George Orwell the person, or about George Orwell the writer? You can also write on any book or essay written by him and your interpretation of what he was feeling and going through in your essay.

You will be able to write this essay in many ways. It can be written as an opinion essay, narrative essay or an informative essay etc. It can also be written as a compare and contrast essay as well. This will be done by comparing and contrasting a novel or essay written by another author of this era with the writings of George Orwell’s work. Going through a compare and contrast essay sample or any other essay samples will provide you the knowledge you need to write a good essay.

How to Write the Essay
Firstly, when writing any essay students need to decide what they will write on. Once you decide if you want to take an excerpt from any of his novels or if you want to write about him you will have to select a suitable topic. Narrow your topic down to a level that is manageable and conduct thorough research. Research is one of the most important elements when it comes to effective essay writing. An outline should be drawn up which will allow you to organize your thoughts and once this is done you can begin the essay.

Each student has different types of writing styles. When you write the George Orwell essay or any other essay, you need to make sure that you do this by incorporating everything you know about good writing in to the essay. Once this is done, you will have an excellent essay which you can proudly submit.

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