Writing Insightful Reflective Essays

Use Personal Thoughts and Experiences When Writing Your Reflective Essay

High school and college is a time of great reflections and writing reflective essays. There are many things to think and consider and act out on. It is a time where all students will wonder what is in store for their futures. Or reflect upon the academic tasks completed. It can be that you have just completed a complex and challenging field project in college as a part of your coursework. Reflecting upon the whole project, the difficulties encountered, the process which was applied, the learning outcomes are all to be included in an essay which is written in reflective note. Therefore, it is not an uncommon or difficult task to write a reflective essay. When we are assigned topics to write, this essay type will let us express our opinions and feelings on the subject.

  • What set it Apart

All essays, from comparative essays to informative essays need evidence to back an argument. These evidence needs to be sourced from outside and cited in the essay to support our statements. However, in the case of a reflective essay, this is not so much of a requirement. Researching as we all know takes quite a lot of time and effort from you and in this essay that time is saved. You can invest the saved time in to greater and deeper level of reflection on the subject.

  • Areas of reflection

Reflections can be on any area depending on the essay topic but here are some examples which you can consider in your reflective essay writing:

  1. A team project which was just complete – how it was done, the allocation of tasks, the contribution of team members, what went wrong, what could have been done differently.
  2. A class trip – the route that was taken, the choice of destination, the influence it had on you and others in terms of impression on the particular subject.
  3. Selection of a collage to be applied – Available choice, the affordability of costs, what you expect from the collage, whether your qualifications match with the college expectations.
  4. A day with special needs children – their struggle with day to day life, how they have learned to cope, how we take things for granted our physical and mental capabilities. What you learned of life from your time with these special need children.
  • Essay Topics
    Above examples show how your reflection essay can be just about anything. By selecting the most interesting essay topics your essay can become more insightful as you will be more involved in the topics which interest you more. Some times the topic is provided by the tutor and this could either be an advantage or a disadvantage. If the topic is not provided for you, you have free reign to write on any thing you wish. It can be about a personal experience or an event you have had. Depending upon the course module, you will need to select the appropriate topic. If it is an English essay then you can write on some interesting topic which is similar to that of a narrative essay. But if you are writing this essay as a part of your business studies coursework then it will mainly be on a project topic.

The goal of a reflective essay is to look into the topic using your personal thoughts and experience on it. Whatever you reflect on be sure that you are presenting something new to the reader. You are in fact imparting your personal experience to the reader along with what you felt about the whole event. This can help your reader make appropriate decisions based on your reflections.

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