Writing Your Masters Essay

Adhering to Guidelines can Produce a Good Masters Essay

Masters Essay is a final essay written by students who are reading for a Master of Arts degree in English. This is a culmination point in this study program and hence needs to be attempted with a good awareness of the requirements of writing an effective and successful essay.

R Essay Objective 
The objective of writing this sort of essay is to demonstrate a student’s skills and expertise in refined writing, revising and editing and essay format relevant to works of English. This essay is an assignment which the students will undertake during the last semester of their course and will need to be pre-approved by the essay committee. It is generally accounted towards 3 credits of the degree program. The work is usually based on a previously written paper which the student has submitted to the tutors during the course of the program and which has potential for revising and expanding in to a larger work of knowledge. The reason behind choosing already worked essay topic is that it prompts a student to re-think and re-engineer an idea or a concept which has already been previously handled by the student.

R Essay requirements
This is a fairly extended work of writing where the expected length of the paper is approximately 30 pages. You will need to format your essay as per the formatting guidelines which will be issued to you when you register for the Masters Essay course. This paper is usually to be formatted as an APA style essay. But this can vary from university to university and you must make sure to clarify this from the very outset.

R Time Frame
A good essay writer will know the need for planning ahead and allocating the required time schedule for an extended work like this. An essay of this nature can not be written within few days. Careful research, editing, re writing etc all adds up to committed work over approximately one – two months.

R Assessment Criteria
Knowing some of the general criteria against which your Master’s Essay will be evaluated will help you tailor your essay to score high in these areas.

  1. The essay should demonstrate originality, creativity, intelligence, and depth of thought.
    2. The essay should be backed with sound research material from secondary sources and the argument should be refined and refuted logically.
    3. Careful synthesis of knowledge and information should be evident within the easy.
    4. The essay should be developed with clear, logical, and effectively organized ideas.
    5. The essay should be written in smooth flowing, eloquent and error free prose.

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